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W 1988 roku Holger i Ingo Legler założyli firmę handlową w Delmenhorst. Wtedy koncentrowali się na imporcie oraz zbycie artykułów promocyjnych i upominków z drewna. Od 1995 roku założyciele firmy skupiają się na zabawkach z drewna i ciągle powiekszają asortyment, m. in. o artykuły dekoracyjne i upominki To co zaczęło się przeszło 20 lat temu, urosło w międzyczasie do dobrze prosperującego przedsiębiorstwa na europejską skalę. Aktualnie nasz asortyment zawiera około 3000 produktów, w tym rocznie ponad 500 nowości oraz wiele artykułów własnego opracowania marki „small foot design”.

1988 Brothers Holger and Ingo Legler found the trading firm Legler OHG.
1995 The company headquarters in Achimer Strasse in Delmenhorst, Germany is opened. Around 10 employees are working for the company.
1999 The company premises is expanded to include a building for the sales and trade exhibition departments.
2000 Additional markets all across Europe are gained: England and France are followed by Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, and Portugal follow that same year. Foreign language teams in our internal sales department guarantee first-class service in each country's language.
2002 A brand is born! small foot is the brand for wooden toys from Legler, and stands for the idea of bringing a smile to children's faces every day! The foot in the logo comes from the real footprint of a Legler child!
2004 At the location in Delmenhorse, a collection office with a showroom opens in Brendelweg.
2005 Legler continues to grow! With yet another building in Twistringerstrasse in Delmenhorst, the warehouse capacity is expanded considerably in order to be able to offer customers a comprehensive assortment.
2008 Legler goes online! The online shop offers customers comprehensive language- and country-specific ordering and service functions.
2012 The Italian subsidiary "Legler Italia s.r.l." is founded.
2012 With the transition to completely climate-neutral shipping with DHL ("GoGreen"), Legler takes another step towards sustainability. 25 tons of CO2 are saved annually.
2013 Timo Sommer joins Holger and Ingo Legler as a third managing director of Legler OHG, which now employs 176 employees.
2013 Products in the licenced designs from Knight Rusty, Paddington Bear and Shaun the Sheep are added to the Legler assortment.
März 2014 Legler joins the international association of toy distributors and becomes a Vedes partner.
2014 Themes and content relevant to target groups are now being shared on all relevant social media channels such as Facebook, and later also on Instagram and YouTube, which strengthens the profile of the small foot brand.
2014 Licence growth: In addition to toys in the licenced design of Peanuts with Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy, "Our Little Sandman" with baby and infant products moves in with Legler.
2014 Legler cooperations with idee+spiel and intensifies their customer service with field sales representatives (2015).
2015 The Very Hungry Caterpillar munches his way through our assortment as the new TOP product licence! The most popular caterpillar in the world from the well-known children's book by Eric Carle is exclusively available from Legler in the form of learning and motor activity toys, rocking animals or just for cuddling.
2016 Spielgut: Legler is distinguished! The small foot product "Little Bells Rattle" receives the coveted Spielgut award. More awards will follow all the way through to 2019, including for the products "Emergency Doctor Kit", "Snack Kit", and "Skateboard Swing".
2016 Ready for on-the-go shopping! The Legler online shop becomes compatible for mobile devices and offers customers even more comprehensive service.
2016 With the music and noise products from the "Sound" product line, the first product group with its mutually enhancing and uniformly designed toys moves in with Legler. Many more product groups will join them in the coming years, such as "Move it!", "Educate", "Lotta, Lex & Ludwig" (in 2017), "Jungle" (in 2018) and "Active", "Space", and "Fresh" (in 2019).
2016 With the music and noise products from the "Sound" product line, the first product group with its mutually enhancing and uniformly designed toys moves in with Legler. Many more product groups will join them in the coming years, such as "Move it!", "Educate", "Lotta, Lex & Ludwig" (in 2017), "Jungle" (in 2018) and "Active", "Space", and "Fresh" (in 2019).
2016 In Italy, sales representatives start assisting customers on-site in addition to our telephone service by the Legler internal sales team.
November 2017 Legler receives FSC® certification, taking yet another step towards sustainability.
2017 With select products from the Lotta, Lex & Ludwig series, Legler brings the first TÜV-certified wooden baby toys to the entire German market.
Mai 2017 Strong emphasis with a new packaging design! In elaborately and informatively designed packaging, small foot products shine with a uniform appearance on the shelf and at the point of sale!
2017 The launch of the new product group "small foot world" brings a breath of fresh air to the Legler assortment with its expandable and mutually compatible play and experience worlds.
2017 The company's own photovoltaic solar panels go into operation - they provide all the company's energy needs.
Juni 2017 ICTI Certificate for Legler! With its participation in the ICTI program, Legler gets involved with the adherence to ethical standards and sustainability standards in the global delivery chain of the toy industry.
2017 Sesame Street as a strong new product licence! Exclusive top-sellers such as pull-along toys, puzzles, and motor activity and role-playing products in Sesame Street designs bring Ernie, Bert, and their friends into the Legler assortment!
März 2018 As of 1 March 2018, Timo Sommer leaves his position as shareholder and managing director, and hands over company leadership of Legler OHG small foot company to André Eichinger.
2018 The small foot brand goes online with its own website! You can now find small foot products and knowledge about wooden toys online at
2018 Woodfriends is added to the Legler assortment as a premium brand.
Juni 2018 Exclusively at Legler! The animal figurines from Animal Planet expand the Legler assortment as the perfect addition in the realm of toy farmsa nd riding stalls.
Januar 2018 A quantum leap at the Spielwarenmesse in Oldenburg! Legler presents itself with a new exhibition stand a cumulative quality campaign in Nuremberg across 250 square meters!
2018 30 years of Legler! With lots of dedication, a love for the wood - a product of nature, a comprehensive quality and safety policy, high-quality service, and consistent focus on commercial customers, Legler has become one of the largest manufacturers of wooden toys in Germany over the past 30 years.
2019 The Legler catalogue is growing! Four compact theme catalogues for industry-relevant events and themes such as Trends, Easter & Outdoor, Start of School & Holidays as well as Advent & Christmas now accompany the main catalogue throughout the year.
2019 The American subsidiary "Legler USA Inc." is founded.
2019 A new modular shelf tray concept makes a strong appearance at the point of sale for the small foot brand!
2019 Nominated! The Lawn Mower Baby Walker is nominated for the 2019 ToyAward at the Spielwarenmesse toy fair in Nuremberg, and makes it among the top three amidst 800 submissions in the category "Baby & Infant 0-3 Years".
2019 For the first time, Legler takes part in the Toy Fair New York international trade exhibition with their own exhibition stand.
2019 In addition to the in-house sales team, Legler teams up with well-known commercial representatives for toys in Germany and Austria.

Wzrost zatrudnienia

Z rozwojem firmy ciągle wzrasta też liczba pracowników zatrudnionych w firmie. W 1995 roku w firmie Legler pracowało zaledwie dziesięć osób, obecnie zatrudnionych jest ponad 170 kobiet i mężczyzn, którzy swoją wiedzą, doświadczeniem i zaangażowaniem przyczyniają się do wysokiej jakości naszych produktów, gwarantują także bardzo dobrą obsługę klienta.


Oprócz głównej siedziby firmy przy ulicy Achimer Straße w Delmenhorst, nasz asortyment mieści się w kilku magazynach wysokiego składowania w Delmenhorst. Ponadto przy ulicy Achimer Straße 6 można osobiście odebrać towar.

Zaangażowanie społeczne

Udział w projektach

W trosce o zdrowie pracowniów i ochronę środowiska, od 2010 roku współpracujemy z zakładem ubezpieczeń zdrowotnych AOK i bierzemy udział m. in. w akcji „Rowerem do pracy”. Cotygodniowe kosze owoców i wspomaganie wspólnych aktywności fizycznych podkreślają tę linię.

Doktoranci czy też zaangażowani uczniowie zawodu – potencjały rozwojowe są dostrzegane i wsparcie w dalszym rozwoju traktowane są poważnie. Szybka, indywidualna realizacja jak również wsparcie finansowe i czasowe jest przez wszystkich pracowników doceniane.

Sami właściciele Holger i Ingo Legler jak również Timo Sommer już od lat stawiają na zrównoważony rozwój i zaangażowanie społeczne i wspierają liczne projekty osobiście.

Lekarze bez granic

Ärzte ohne Grenzen - Partner Company

Lekarze bez Granic udziela pomocy medycznej na całym świecie, w regionach gdzie panuje bieda, wojna albo w strefach dotkniętych klęską żywiołową.

Ta międzynarodowa organizacja pomaga dotkniętym ludziom szybko, skutecznie i bez biurokracji – bez względu na ich pochodzenie, wyznanie religijne albo przekonanie polityczne.

Obecnie Lekarze bez Granic aktywnie udzielają pomocy w 60 krajach całego świata. W 1999 roku przyznano Lekarzom bez Granic Pokojową Nagrodę Nobla.

Od przeszło 10 lat wspieramy finansowo Lekarzy bez Granic. Wy też pomóżcie!

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