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Wooden toys and more: Import and wholesale from the toy manufacturer Legler

Importing wooden toys, non-wooden toys, and gift products are our strength as a toy wholesaler. We offer a large assortment of toys, decorations, and gift products for both young and old, and we can guarantee a very high level of product availability. Specializing in the importation of toys, we offer inspected, high-quality products with high margins for retailers. As a toy wholesaler with a distinguished price-performance ratio, we not only deliver toys and accessories from popular brands, but also our own toys that we manufacture ourselves. Our extraordinary child-friendly inventions from our "small foot design" branch promotes the development of motor skills and creativity while offering lots of playtime fun. From bead rollercoasters and baby walkers to teeth-brushing timers and letter trains - as a manfacturer and importer of wooden toys, the wholesale business of toys has been our core business for over 20 years.

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