You have questions? We have the answers!

  • Do you grant discount for early payment?

    For payments within 14 days, 2% discount, within 30 days net payment without deduction.

  • Is there a possibility to pre-order goods?

    If you are interested in a pre-order, please do not hesitate to contact us. In individual cases, we will check which option we can offer you.

  • Is there a minimum purchase quantity or an order value?

    No, there is no minimum purchase.
    The minimum order value is EUR 100.– net.

  • Do you have a catalog?

    Yes. You can find an overview of our current catalogs here.

  • I am an end customer! Where can I buy your products?

    On the website indicated underneath you will find shops and online shops that sell our products. You can find a shop near you simply by entering your postcode.


  • I am a new customer: Do I get credit as a new customer?

    You have a credit limit of 500,- € with your first order. Of course, invoices must be paid within 30 days after the invoice has been issued.

  • Is dropshipping possible?

    A direct shipment to your customers is possible on behalf of the Legler small foot company. Please note that the minimum order value still have be considered. Do you have any special requests regarding dropshipping? Please contact us and we will discuss all the possibilities with you. 

  • Is neutral shipping possible?

    Yes, this is possible. The minimum order value is 100,- € net.

  • Is it possible to ship the goods to other countries?

    Yes! However. there are a few particularities to consider: We charge the actual incurred freight costs. Your payments must be received by us free of charge. Delivery times are are a bit longer and the minimum order value for countries in Europe is 100,- €. Exceptions apply to the following countries:

    • Czech Republic (If you are based in the Czech Republic, please contact Pechova directly with your enquiry).
    • Scandinavian countries (If you are based in Scandinavian countries, please contact Import for Kids directly with your enquiry).

    We will be happy to check the possibilities for your specific case. Please contact business@legler-online.com with your enquiry.

  • Can I specify a different delivery address?

    Yes, it's possible.

  • Can I receive my order by express shipping?

    On request we offer express shipping only within Germany. Please contact us for this.

  • Can I return goods?

    Yes! For your return please use this form. Please remember that if you are not satisfied with some articles, you'll need to cover the shipping cost for the return.

  • Does the Legler small foot company cooperate with trade associations?

    Yes. We cooperate with:

    • duo schreib & spiel
    • Idee+spiel
    • Markant
    • Prisma AG
    • Spiel & Spass / EK Bielefeld
    • Vedes

  • How does the shipment/dispatch take place?

    With DHL or one of our selected forwarding agencies. The freight charges are calculated according to the weight and volume of your goods. Please remember to give us your telephone number, so that the forwarding agent can reach you in case of doubt. 

  • How do I receive my invoice?

    You'll receive your invoice by e-mail as soon as the goods leave our warehouse. In the e-mail you will also find your tracking number.

  • What to do if items are missing from the delivery or have been delivered incorrectly?

    Please contact us us if your delivery is incomplete or faulty. We will be happy to check your order. Please use this form for your request.

  • Where's my order?

    As soon as the goods leave our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail with your invoice and the tracking number for your order at the same time.

  • What to do if the goods are damaged?

    Please contact us in case the goods are damaged and provide us with the pictures of the damaged items. We would then gladly assist you and process your claim. For this purpose, please fill in the following form.

  • How much are the freight charges?

    The shipping costs are calculated as follows:
    Great Britain: Each parcel Freight charges £ 13,85 + Handling charges £ 7,50

    Ireland: 16,90 €
    Poland: 15,90 €
    Czech Republic: 15,90 €
    Portugal: 17,90 €
    Baltic States: 21,50 €
    Belgium: 15,90 €
    Netherlands: 15,90 €
    Slovakia: 17,90 €
    Slovenia: 21,50 €
    Romania: 21,50 €
    Bulgaria: 21,50 €
    Greece: 30,00 €
    Hungary: 21,50 €

    For all other countries, please contact our customer service.


    Different shipping costs apply for certain bulky goods and volume goods (general cargo).

    Bulky goods Germany: 20 €
    Bulky goods Europe: 20 € / 20 £
    General cargo Germany: 29 €
    General cargo abroad: 46,50 € / 40 £

  • How can be paid?

    • Invoice (bank transfer)
    • Prepayment (bank transfer)

  • What are the bank details?

    For payments in Euro:
    Bank: Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
    IBAN: DE19 2805 0100 0031 4017 14

    For payment in GBP:

    NatWest (LEGLER OHG small foot company)
    account no.: 904 719 70
    sort code: 60-00-01
    IBAN: GB12 NWBK 6000 0190 4719 70

  • How to log in to the online store?

    For existing customers:
    For the initial registration, please use your customer number or your email address as your user name and your password.

    You are a new customer?
    In the online store you can easily register as a new customer. Please note that the online store is for B2B customers. For a successful registration, please upload a company certificate during your online registration.

  • How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

    As a customer, we will automatically inform you about our current promotions in the newsletter. Every newsletter offers you the possibility to unsubscribe from our newsletter. You will find the option at the very bottom of your newsletter. If you need support, please feel free to contact us directly.

  • How to understand the favourable prices?

    All prices are net prices plus VAT. All prices are valid ex works in Delmenhorst.