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Doll houses are some of the most popular classics in the nursery! The houses and doll house furniture made of wood has many advantages over plastic toys – come discover the small foot Urban Villa Doll House and the small foot Compact Urban Villa Doll House – the absolute favourites in the nursery!

A real home for the dolls: The Urban Villa Doll House

A perfectly well-stocked doll house an absolute dream toy for many children. With the small foot Urban Villa Doll House, the dolls' dream home becomes reality thanks to the realistically detailed and designed rooms, sophisticated architecture, and numerous functional and visual details. This doll villa also gains appeal with its bright and modern, yet unostentatious colour scheme of the exterior and interior of the house.
An eat-in kitchen and living room, a nursery, a bathroom, a bedroom and recessed balconies offer lots of open space for fantasy-filled playing. A staircase, a sliding door, opening windows, little nightstands with drawers and a real bell that serves to announce visitors together with the 12 pieces of furniture and many accessories make the fun of playing perfect. The open frontage side makes playing easier and also allows multiple children to play with the doll house at the same time.



"Who didn't dream of a great doll house as a kid? We're completely happy with this dream house from small foot. It's large enough to be played with by older children too, and the lovely wooden dolls impressed me with their very high-quality design."

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Category Champion

Perfectly Equipped - Product highlights that impress parents 100%:

  • Large, stable wooden doll house with a richly detailed design both inside and outside
  • 3 floors connected by two staircases
  • 5 rooms and a terrace offer space for fantasy-filled playing
  • ample furniture made of plastic with wooden details for realistic playing
  • A real bell that rings, sliding door, openable windows, nighstands with drawers
  • The bright outer facade and modern colour scheme
  • Ideally combinable with the Wooden Bending Dolls Family (Prod. No. 11804)

Large play space in a small area: The Compact Urban Villa Doll House

The new Compact Urban Villa Doll House is the more petite alternative to the large Urban Villa Doll House, but it sacrifices none of the playtime fun! This modern wooden dollhouse with an open front makes a fantastic impression with artistic details, decorative accents, and a modern interior style. A combined kitchen, living room, and dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom as well as a rooftop terrace and a front garden offer boundless possibilities for imaginative play and active role play. The open living concept, the winding staircase, and windows that open, and a modern floor-level shower with a wall made of Plexiglass come together with eight functional pieces of furniture and textile elements such as bed linens and pillows to make a lovely eye-catcher in the nursery. Thanks to the diverse, functional highlights, this doll house guarantees long-lasting playtime fun in a compact space. It's perfect for smaller living spaces and slimmer budgets.



"Guaranteed playtime fun at the highest level – our twins love this dollhouse and often play with it extensively for long periods of time. The consistently harmonious setup, the colours, and the shapes just go so wonderfully well together and make a really lovely scene in our nursery."

Category Champion

Perfectly Equipped - Product highlights that impress parents 100%:

  • Compact, stable wooden dollhouse that's richly detailed on the inside and outside
  • 2 floors connected with a winding staircase
  • 3 rooms, 1 rooftop terrace, and 1 front garden offer space for imaginative play
  • Comprehensive, functional furniture made of plastic with wooden details for a realistic playtime experience
  • Modern interior design, shower wall made of Plexiglas, openable windows
  • Light exterior facade and modern colour scheme
  • Ideally combinable with the Wooden Bending Doll Family (Prod. No. 11804)

Real "Champions" in the wooden doll houses category!

Many of the doll houses on the market today are dominated by pink plastic. Is that a bit too much pink and not enough environmental sustainability for your customers?  If so, then the two small foot doll houses are 100% the right choice and absolute musts for your doll house and role-playing assortment!  In the development process of these new small foot innovations, all of the market-relevant end customer requirements, wishes, and needs of children and parents are the main focus. The results are modern doll houses that you won't find anywhere else on the market in this form.

These doll houses are part of our Blogger's Choice products: the new favourites in the nursery

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Good to know! 💡 Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • Bright exterior façade and a modern colour scheme that fits neutrally to the interior design of the living room or nursery
  • From the perspective of environmental friendliness, wooden doll houses are an excellent choice
  • Furniture for the doll house rooms are included in the scope of delivery so that playtime can begin right away
  • A comprehensive, long-lasting playtime experience with free, fantasy-filled, and creative role-playing
  • Suitable for dolls up to 13 cm in size
  • Ideally combinable with the Wooden Bending Puppets Family (Prod. No. 11804)

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