Price adjustments starting 1 September 2021

For years, we've been guaranteeing a good price-performance ratio at Legler as well as stable and fair prices for our products. The market developments that stemmed from the COVID pandemic and led to extremely tense and difficult situations in the container shipping industry, and consequently to exorbitant increases in shipping costs, forced our hand! As a result, we've adjusted the prices of the majority of our toy products to coincide with the release of our main catalogue on 1 September 2021! This increase exclusively reflects the actual added costs that we're currently confronted with.
In addition to increase container shipping costs, the global bottlenecks in freight transport have been repeatedly leading to delays in delivery. Finding containers with space to spare is currently a very stressful and cost-intensive task – which is a very unpleasant and unsatisfactory situation for us, as it is for all commercial enterprises! However, you can rest assured that we're constantly in close contact with our ocean freight partners and we're doing everything we can so that our products arrive at our warehouses for you as quickly as possible!

Here's a tip: We'll be informing you about top-sellers that arrive back in stock daily here.
In addition, we will continue to keep you informed about developments in delivery and prices, and we very much appreciate your understanding!

Your Legler Team