-5€ | Hit gifts for boys and girls!

All children love to play! But what gifts do girls like in particular? And what brings a big smile to boys' faces? Even though there are plenty of toys that are appealing to both boys and girls, there are still lots of gender-specific preferences. One thing is clear: especially when looking for the right Christmas gift, (grand-)parents are looking for typical gifts for boys and typical gifts for girls now more than ever. Stock up your assortment now and offer your customers the full range!

Rose-tinted times for your turnover with gifts for girls!

For girls, products such as dolls, doll accessories, and crafting products are highly popular. Role-playing toys such as the Retro Make-Up Table with Mirror (11409) or the Retro Make-Up and Hair Styling Kit (11776) will also impress young, aspiring beauty queens. You can find a comprehensive collection of the most popular toys for girls in the "Gifts for Girls" theme world. These are sure to make your assortment well-rounded!

Cool blue! These gifts are sure to bring a smile to young boys' faces!

For boys, gifts such as toy cars and vehicles, police and fire brigade toys, parking garages, workbenches, and other workshop products are particularly popular. You're guaranteed to find the right toys that will light up boys' eyes in our "Gifts for Boys" theme world!

Pink or blue? How about NEUTRAL?!

When looking for a toy, many customers are choosing neutrality. In our "Gender-Neutral Gifts" theme world, you'll find typical toys for both girls and boys that purposefully avoid the pink/blue cliche. Come discover the neutral, unisex gifts!

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