Newly Introduced "Adventure" Exercise Toys

Back in the day, children used to balance on a tree trunk to cross a creek. Today, parents are looking for safe and versatile exercise toys for their own play rooms or for building an obstacle course in the nursery! And for those purposes, the sustainable material wood is high on their list! The new product line "Adventure" from small foot has the answer!

Kids are crazy about balance games, and backlogs can create demand!

Children have missed exercise and sport considerably during the pandemic, and shuttered recreational sport clubs and the forced restriction of group sports has definitely led to many deficits in the realm of "exercise, play, and fun". It's no wonder that parents are looking for opportunities to get the kids in motion now more than ever! Products for the play room or the self-built obstacle course in the nursery are totally trendy at the moment and are in high demand! The new small foot product line "Adventure" has the answer for this just in time and promises to bring lucrative turnover for the toy industry!

The new "Adventure" line of exercise toys includes versatile balance stones, a modern balance beam, and a speedy rollboard! All three products go excellently together and also visually complement each other.

Environmentally sustainable wood is key!

Parents place a lot of value of environmentally sustainable wooden toys without wanting to sacrifice appearance and functionality! With their lovely, modern yet simple design with lots of visible wood material and both trendy and pastel colours, the "Adventure" toys have their finger on the pulse of the times. Sturdily built, high-quality manufacturing, and pleasant haptics make the "Adventure" products a stylish addition to your assortment and to the nursery.

Category Champion

"Adventure" Balance Stones: Easily build your own obstacle course at home!

  • Two-sided balance stones made of stable wood
  • With differently positioned half-sphere elements made of robust foam under every balancing stone
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted; usable individually or as a whole obstacle course
  • Balance stones turn the nursery into a land of adventure in seconds

Category Champion

"Adventure" Balance Board: Now you'll have some sport in your toy assortment!

  • Stable wooden balance board with a modern design
  • Incl. two wooden balls that can be screwed into the underside of the board (different positions possible)
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted according to age and abilities
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted according to age and abilities

Category Champion

Let off steam in a safe way with an extra serving of safety: The "Adventure" Rollboard

  • A robust wooden roll board that can be used in a sitting, kneeling, or laying position
  • With a hole for attaching a rope
  • With guide rollers for fast turns
  • Indentations on the handles for protecting hands while you're holding on
  • Trains balance, strength, and endurance
  • Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, floor-protecting rides

Psst! "Adventure" is set to grow even more at the start of 2022!

Start getting excited for the new Balance Beam, climbing products, and more that will expand the line!

Good to know! Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • "Adventure" offers just as many possibilities for exercise and movement to younger children as to school-aged children
  • Children don't need any instructions and can let their creativity flow freely: they'll quickly come up with their own ideas on how to use the various exercise toys
  • Many different forms of balance and motor skills are trained for a solid foundation for healthy physical development
  • With "Adventure", you can make new obstacle courses over and over again – Auf Wiedersehen, boredom!
  • Exercise toys are great trainers of balance, especially for children with motor deficits
  • Build self-confidence and trust in one's own abilities in unsure, shy children
  • Balance and exercise toys offer important break times and moments of relaxation and recuperation away from everyday life
  • Balancing with friends promotes social togetherness

"Adventure" – An absolute must for the "Motor Skills and Learning" part of your assortment!

The "Adventure" product line is part of the new Category Champions from Legler! All of the relevant end customer demands, wishes, and needs stood in focus during the development of these new small foot innovations. Learn more about the term "Category Champion" and which small foot products are part of that group here!

"Adventure" is cheaper in a three-pack!

  • Save 5 € on your order total when you order all three "Adventure" products together!
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