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Quality, Safety, Sustainability, and Fairness

What is important to us here at Legler:

In addition to the happy, gleaming eyes of children, sustainability, safety, and quality are our most important goals. For more than thirty years, Legler toys have been bringing joy to children all over Europe and accompanying them while they play, learn, and grow.


Even during the selection of our materials, we pay attention to high quality, and as a renewable and long-lasting raw material, wood is for us the material best suited for toys. Additionally, we only use lacquers and paints which are manufactured free of solvents and exclusively water-based. Naturally, we also completely abstain from using any harmful chemical softeners or emollients.

Our young product design team on location in Delmenhorst, Germany pays special attention to child-friendly and pedagogically sensible shapes, colors and functions during the design of our small foot design products. And because safety is just as important, our TÜV-inspected staff specialized in toy safety works every day towards ensuring and further improving the safety of our products. In addition, we allow our products to be put through all the paces by specialized experts and independent inspection institutions in order to not only guarantee the safety and quality of our products to you and your customers, but also to verify and prove it.

We at Legler are proud to offer you and your customers affordable yet high-quality toys. Learn more about our distinguished toys on the following pages:

Toy Safety

Grasping, listening, seeing and feeling – these are the most important tasks in a baby’s first months. Toys are played with intensely, touched, placed in the mouth or cuddled with. Therefore, quality and proven safety are a top priority for us, particularly with baby toys.


The fact that our certified baby products are inspected by the German TÜV and therefore meet the highest safety standards is important for us in order to show you and your customers proof that our products are child-friendly and free of harmful materials. Products with the “TÜV Rheinland Certified” seal are inspected from independent quality experts above and beyond the legal requirements. With this certification, we wish to guarantee the highest possible level of safety.

Throughout the past years, it has been shown that end users place an increasing importance on certified quality and safety of toys, especially when it comes to their youngest children.

Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainable forest management and a customer magnet:
Legler has received FSC®-certification (FSC-C 138595)

Since 29 November 2017, the company is FSC®-certified.

A constantly growing portion of our extensive product assortment now wears the FSC® seal and thereby stands for particular environmental and social responsibility. The wood materials used in our production come from farmed forests or plantations which are regularly and independently inspected and certified according to the strict international guidelines of the Forest Steward Council (FSC®).


In this way, Legler promotes not only fair cooperation with the environment, but also campaigns for the traditions and human rights that go hand-in-hand with the responsible use of forests. Beyond that, products with the FSC® seal help customers with their purchase decisions, leading to more attention paid to products and therefore more success. Particularly when purchasing emotionally significant consumer goods like high-quality toys, studies have shown that end consumers pay an increasing amount of attention to inspection seals and marks which demonstrate a responsible production process.

Legler has made another important step in the direction of sustainability: important for the company and its customers, but above all: for the security of a world worth living in for future generations.

We also reduce our climate-relevant CO2 “footprint” by using recycled paper and the CO2-neutral shipping of the Deutsche Post everywhere. By using this “GoGreen” shipping option from the Deutsche Post, we could compensate 7.78 tons of CO2e* in 2017.

* The stated greenhouse gas emissions include emissions from transportation and logistics as well as upstream emissions from the production of fuel and energy.

Fair Working Conditions

The International Council of Toy Industries promotes ethical and safe working processes during the production of toys. All members are committed to fair and lawful conduct with resources, employees and processes

Our products are certified according to the strictest criteria of the ICTI codex.


We’re taking responsibility -
Legler is a member of the ICTI Care Committed Brands PLUS program

As a toy manufacturer, it is very important to us that resources, employees, and processes are handled fairly. For this reason, we’ve been a member of the Committed Brands PLUS program since 15 June 2017. This program is an initiative of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI for short) and stands for fair and safe working conditions. ICTI has created a code of conduct for vendors (Code of Business Practice) that must be followed. By doing so, we support an ethnical manufacturing program and can thereby set up and develop a sustainable chain of supply, which in turn allows us to offer a responsible purchasing option. We wish to set an example with this membership and strengthen our resolve for ethical standards such as a ban on child labor and discrimination, the payment of minimum wages and overtime, and environmental protection and safety at the workplace.

Orientation Assistance for End Users

Product Warnings

Since July 2011, EU toy regulations require toys for children under 3 years old which could be dangerous to be labeled as such. This is done by a product warning label with a description of the specific danger. This information must be available to the consumer at the time of purchase. Therefore, this information can be found on all small foot packaging.


Age Recommendations

Our age recommendations give information about how old a child should be in order for them to be able to play with a specific toy in an age-appropriate way and thereby represent the optimal starting age for a product! The legal framework also calls for specific warning labels on the product itself. This should naturally also be considered.

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