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Huge Soap Bubbles with Liquid Soap

Produktslider Thumb
Produktslider Thumb
You can create huge soap bubbles wih this bubbles set. Attached to both plastic grips are two strings which can be dipped into the included soap bubble liquid. Careful movements with the string make soap bubbles float through the air. This is how they show their most beautiful side! Bottle contents: 400 ml bubble liquid soap. With this product, children can playfully train their concentration abilities and all the while develop a feeling for movement. Let the bubble show begin!
DimensionsWounded approx. 1 x 1 x 34 cm, bottle height: approx. 18 cm, Ø approx 6 cm
Brandsmall foot
recommended minimum agefrom 3 years
Packagingsmall foot-Item with packaging for hanging
Weight incl. Packaging0,5 kg
EAN code4020972108975