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About us

Company history

Holger und Ingo Legler founded the Handelshaus Legler in Delmenhorst in 1988. At the time they concentrated on importing and selling promotional items and gifts made of wood. In 1995 the two company founders shifted their focus onto wooden toys and constantly extended their range of products to also include decoration items and gifts, for example. What started more than 20 years ago is now a successful company with operations throughout Europe. Our range currently features around 3,000 articles including more than 500 new developments every year and a number of product developments designed by us and sold under our own brand name "small foot design".

1988 The brothers Holger and Ingo Legler established the Handelshaus Legler OHG.
1995 The Company's headquarters in Achimer Str. in Delmenhorst opened. Around 10 employees are working at this time.
1999 The company premises continue to expand with a new building for the sales and trade fair departments.
2000 Legler opens up markets in Europe: starting with the UK and France in the same year followed by Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland and Portugal. Thanks to our various foreign languages-speaking team, we can offer a comprehensive service to all countries.
2004 In our Brendelweg premises in Delmenhorst, there is now a showroom where every customer can have a look, experience and touch every product. There is also the possibility of collecting ordered goods directly.
2005 The warehouse capacity gets expanded with a new additional building in the Twistringer Str. in Delmenhorst. Thanks to the several storage areas we own, we're able to offer a wide range.
2008 Legler goes online: the Legler online store is accessible internationally. All the products and useful information about Legler can be now found here.
2012 The Italian sub-branch "Legler Italia s.r.l." has been established.
2013 Timo Sommer becomes, alongside Holger and Ingo Legler, third CEO of the Legler OHG. The tradinghouse currently accomodates 176 satisfied employees.
March 2014 Legler becomes Vedes partner. The Legler membership with Vedes - the International council of toy trade - is a great step forward.

Workforce development

The number of employees has also grown continuously with the size of our company. In 1995 the Handelshaus Legler had a workforce of ten, and now employs more than 170 men and women who are committed to ensuring the quality of our products and providing outstanding customer service with their knowledge and experience.


Next to the company headquarter at the street Achimer Straße in Delmenhorst, the range is placed in several high-bay storages. The goods can also be picked up by yourself at the street Achimer Straße 6.

Social projects

Project involvement

To promote the health and enjoyment of nature of our employees we have been cooperating with the Gesundheitskasse AOK as part of their "Cycle to work" campaign since 2010. Fruit baskets every week and support for joint fitness activities underline this commitment.

From graduates to committed trainees - development potential is recognised and incentives taken seriously! Individual and prompt implementation of financial and time-related support is appreciated by all employees.

The company shareholders Holger and Ingo Legler as well as Timo Sommer have been focusing on sustainability and social commitment for many years and personally mentor the many projects.

Doctors without Borders

Ärzte ohne Grenzen - Partner Company

Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides emergency medical assistance in crisis and war zones and after natural disasters worldwide.

The international organization helps quickly, efficiently and unbureaucratically - without asking for origin, religion or political beliefs of affected people. MSF is currently active in more than 60 countries worldwide. They have been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

For more than 10 years we are supporting MSF by monetary means. You may also help and donate!

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