This car park champion belongs in every nursery!

Car parks, toy car garages, and workshops for the toy vehicle fleet are a dream come true for kids. Car parks and garages have held a force of attraction for kids for generations – they're toys with a considerable diversity of play possibilities. And not only boys can spend hours playing with them in their own worlds of imagination! With the trend of increasing environmental consciousness and sustainability, car parks made of wood are becoming more and more popular with parents!

Parking, filling up the tank, washing, repairing – One car park, many possibilities – In two appealing colour schemes and designs!

Both small foot Car Parks make a great impression with their high proportions of visible, natural wood material. While the Rally Car Park with its modern mix of toned-down trend colours, a classic asphalt look, and dynamic design elements highlights the speed of the cars driving down the ramps, the Premium Car Park features a classic colour concept that fits in well in any nursery.

The included wooden cars can be parked on the three floors of the small foot Premium Car Park and Rally Car Park, or race down the ramps in one go. But there's much more! Fill up the tanks at the magnetic petrol pump or electric charging station, give everything the once-over in the automotive workshop with the height-adjustable lift, and cruise through the car wash with moving rollers so the favourite speedsters will shine like new! The car lift that is operated by a large handwheel moves the vehicles to the various floors of the car park. A stopping mechanism and ridges in the floor ensure that the cars get there safely. A special highlight is the flexible rubber bumpers, because in addition to protecting the durability of the car park sides, they can also be used by young car fans as a catapult for the cars. That'll certainly guarantee action! The helicopter landing pad on the roof of the car lift makes the playtime fun complete!

Category Champion

Perfectly equipped – These product features impress parents:

  • 3 large floors for boundless playtime fun
  • Magnetic petrol pump and electric charging station
  • Car wash with moving rollers
  • Mechanical car lift with stopping mechanism and floor ridges
  • Auto workshop area with height-adjustable lift
  • Helicopter landing pad on the roof of the car lift
  • Moving gates to control the toy car traffic
  • Sturdy plastic ramps positioned in a way to allow the cars to zip from top to bottom in one go
  • 2-in-1: Rubber boundaries serve as robust bumpers and a catapult

Good to know! 💡 Even more arguments for the sales consultation:

  • Unique architecture offers open playability with the most stability (it can even withstand a child sitting on it).
  • Large proportion of visible wood material
  • Wooden parking garages are more durable and haptically more pleasing than plastic products without having to sacrifice functionality
  • Reduced imagery and symbols in traffic-typical colours are optimally suited for younger children and can be understood internationally
  • Environmentally sustainable thanks to the wood material and material-saving layout that helps reduce waste during production
  • Fits common toy cars with sizes 1:55 and 1:60
  • On-ramps and connection points for common wooden toy train tracks allow integration into play worlds
  • Role-playing stations such as a petrol station and workshop inspire imagination
  • Compatible wooden traffic sign set available (Product No. 11736)
  • Traffic signs: Even more fun with the right accessories!

    The Traffic Sign Set made of wood ensures safety and order in the toy car traffic in and around the car parks. These realistically designed international traffic signs with stable wooden bases not only control the traffic of the play world, but also impart knowledge of the most important traffic rules in an early traffic education.  Included is a double-sided traffic light that has a red and green light phase. It's the perfect addition to toy car parking garages and a must in your toy vehicles and play worlds assortment.