Ice-cold customer favourites: "fresh" Ice Cream Stand and Ice Cream Holder are the hot-sellers for your role-playing segment!

All children love ice cream! And when all the real ice cream has been eaten, the fun continues with the cool favourites in the children's play kitchen and play store! And the most important part? The small foot Ice Cream Stand "fresh" and the new small foot Ice Cream Holder "fresh" –two absolutely trend products when it comes to toy foodstuffs and accessories for the role-playing assortment from the "fresh" product line!

An innovative ice cream play set with tons of play features!

As an innovative toy ice cream set made of wood, the small foot Ice Cream Stand "fresh" makes role play in the children's play kitchen and play store even more realistic. The ice cream stand which comes in blue, pink, and natural wood tones makes a wonderful impression as a serving and selling stand with lots of functions and plenty of accessories. Stackable scoops of ice cream, ice lollies, dollops of whipped cream/soft-serve ice cream, ice cream cones, and ice cream bowls with spoons as well as heart-shaped waffle cone pieces and decorative cherries will fulfill any possible wishes. The ice cream display case with the plastic viewing window, the accessories stand, and the storage compartment offer plenty of tidiness at the ice cream stand! The highlights are the magnetic ice cream scooper and the soft-serve ice cream/whipped cream dispenser. Incl. writable chalkboard.

Category Champion

Product features that impress 100%:

  • Ice cream scoop and soft-serve ice cream/whipped cream dispenser with magnet function
  • 8 different "flavours" of ice cream, from ice lollies and ice cream scoops to soft-serve ice cream
  • Stackable ice cream scoops equipped with magnets
  • Freezer for ice lollies with transparent lid with a stopper
  • Gender-neutral, subtle colour design with lots of visible wood material
  • Large and small ice cream cones, ice cream bowl with spoons plus decorative waffle pieces and decorative cherries for inserting
  • Accessories stand with little flags and a chalkboard
  • Ice cream display area with plastic viewing window, colour-coded ice cream compartments for the ice cream scoops with matching colours

"fresh" Ice Cream Stand: Now distinguished with the "spiel gut" seal!

Toys must fulfill many different criteria – only ones which truly impress children and experts in field tests may carry the "spiel gut" seals and earn ToyAward and TOP10 Spielzeug (TOP10 Toys) nominations! The "fresh" Ice Cream Stand is now one of these toys! Learn more about small foot products distinguished with toy quality seals!

"fresh" Ice Cream Holder: For an extra helping of role-playing fun!

The small foot Ice Cream Holder "fresh" offers triple the ice cream and playtime fun in a small space because the compact wooden ice cream displayer makes a great impression with delicate colours, functional highlights, and ample accessories. The four different kinds of ice lollies, the ice cream cones, and three stackable scoops of ice cream can be well-sorted on the three-storied, sturdy ice cream holder. And here's the best thing:  for young sweet tooths who love toppings, there's an extra dollop of whipped cream/soft-serve ice cream and the insertable heart-shaped waffle cone pieces! The magnetic ice cream scooper makes the realistic role play perfect! Incl. writable chalkboard.

Category Champion

Product features that impress 100%

  • Ice cream scoop with magnet function
  • 8 different kinds of ice cream, from ice lollies to soft-serve ice cream
  • Scoops of ice cream are stackable and equipped with magnets
  • Little waffle cone hearts and a dollop of whipped cream for decorating the ice cream creations
  • All of the ice cream fits in insert spots on three levels and colour-coded recesses
  • Gender-neutral, unostentatious colour scheme with lots of visible wood material
  • Comes with writable chalkboard sign
  • An ideal addition to the Multifunctional Play Store "fresh" (11436) and other play foodstuffs from the "fresh" product line

Cool functions for realistic role play!

All of the scoops of ice cream can be picked up thanks to the integrated magnets and placed on the cone or in the bowl with a press of the rocker grip. If someone wants a large portion of ice cream, they have the possibility of simply stacking the scoops of ice cream! With the whipped cream/soft-serve ice cream, each uniquely assembled ice cream dish will have their own special topper. It's just like a real ice cream cafe! In addition, the Ice Cream Holder and Ice Cream Stand are educational toys: the predetermined positions of the scoops of ice cream are indicated by the colour-coded compartments. This makes it easy for young children to sort them!

Wood is trendy and ice cream is always a good choice!

When it comes to toys, many parents are looking for environmentally sustainable materials without having to sacrifice appealing design and additional age-appropriate play functions. With their attractive look, realistic details, and high proportion of wood material used, the small foot Ice Cream Stand "fresh" and the small foot Ice Cream Holder "fresh" are cutting-edge and precisely meet the taste of both adults and children. They're absolute must-haves for the play kitchen and your role-playing assortment – and not just in the summer months! They're also perfectly suited for the Multifunctional Play Store "fresh" and the comprehensive assortment of accessories from the "fresh" product group, and therefore offer the opportunity for more cross-selling turnover!

Category Champions – Market demands 100% met!

The small foot Ice Cream Stand and Ice Cream Holder "fresh" are Category Champions from Legler! All of the relevant market demands, end customer desires, and needs of children and parents stood in the focus of the development process of these wooden toys. The result is a set of exclusive role-playing toys in the popular theme of ice cream with lots of trend potential. Learn more about the term "Category Champion" and which other small foot brand products are part of them here!

Good to know! 💡 Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • Particularly practical as an add-on product for play stores and play kitchens, but can also be used individually anywhere you choose.
  • Role-playing ice cream in the play store or play kitchen is educational and entertaining, and playfully trains social and speaking skills.
  • Handling the ice cream scooper and whipped cream dispenser trains fine motor skills.
  • Pretending to enjoy ice cream in role play is huge fun for kids and offers them a chance to live out creative ideas.
  • Sensitisation for culinary delights

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