New Product Line "4 Friends" – Sophisticated parlour games for even the youngest kids!

Classic parlour games have been around seemingly forever, but that doesn't mean that they're just old school – quite the contrary! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for these games has risen significantly. Games are popular year-round and classic pastimes – for kids, but not only for kids!

"The charm sticks around and new trends are coming"

"The charm sticks around and new trends are coming" is the current headline of the Spielwarenmesse toy exhibition referring to the astounding success of classic board games. Amid the crises of 2020, a big theme was keeping children busy at home with something educational. The bestsellers of the game segment have achieved something even greater: they're bringing families together at one table, are suitable for multiple age groups, bring long-lasting gaming fun over and over again, and create memories.
The new "4 Friends" product line also aims to include the youngest children: all of the games in this series have a simple game idea that even four-year-olds can easily understand. With this new product line, kids will get more variety in the nursery, and you'll get more variety in your games assortment. The four best friends, "Heinz" the rooster, "Fritz" the horse, "Olga" the cow, and "Schippy" the sheep live together on the green pastures around their farm, but prefer to spend their time going on the greatest playful adventures and fill the "4 Friends" parlour games with life.

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Product features that impress parents 100%:

  • All games of the "4 Friends" series train social skills and concentration and promote an understanding for others, making them particularly valuable in a pedagogical sense
  • They promote logical thought
  • They train fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • The 4 recurring, child-friendly characters encourage kids to keep playing new rounds

Good to know! 💡Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • The youngest kids learn the fastest – simple, easy-to-understand games that don't require a lot of explanation help build the perfect foundations for understanding more complex games later on
  • Games that provide long-lasting entertainment and train young game fans' endurance
  • Wood is trendy! Wood that's pleasant to touch and hold is much more haptically enjoyable than plastic – and is visually an eye-catcher!
  • Soft colours that appeal to children and don't overwhelm them
  • Convenient: high-quality, durable support boxes and game boxes for long-lasting storage solutions

Order the new "4 Friends" product line and get a free product!

  • When you place an order for three* products from the "4 Friends" product line, you'll also receive one Balance Game "4 Friends" (Prod. 12236) with a value of 14.99 € RRP for free!
  • Please contact us via email to place your pre-order
  • Offer valid until 17.10.2021
  • Delivery: approx. calendar week 46
  • Participation limited to 1x per customer number
  • Double the profit: the pre-order offers are combinable with one another!
* 12237, 12235, 12228

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