The Pull-Along Shape-Fitting Snail - A new, multifunctional pull-along toy that's guaranteed to really pull along your turnover!

Visually and functionally a highlight: this Snail has more than just his shell to offer!

When children have learned to crawl and are attempting their first steps, pull-along toys are popular highlights on the toy shelves. The new Pull-Along Shape-Fitting Snail from small foot is the perfect companion for young explorers on tour and a true multifunctional multi-talent. Want to promote mobility while also training fine motor skills? With this 2-in-1 pull-along animal, you'll be offering parents the perfect tool for that! Inserting, turning, pulling - One toy, many possibilities! Children prefer to take their first steps with a companion. What could be better suited for that than the small foot Pull-Along Shape-Fitting Snail which appeals to both younger and older customers with its cute appearance with elastic feelers and friendly eyes. As a pull-along animal, it encourages children to learn to walk while they follow their owner around by the rope, rolling around quietly on rubber-finished wheels. The absolute highlight? The snail's shell which turns while the snail is pulled and makes a great noise with the insertable blocks inside it. And when the snail needs a break from walking, children can play with its removable shell that's usable as a shape-fitting game that trains recognition of colours and shapes or as a screw-turning game in which the insertable blocks can be screwed into the snail's shell with the help of threads. The insertable pieces can be taken back out through a door on the side of the shell that can be opened and closed, and which has an elastic band and a bead as a grip aid. It's a clever motor activity toy and the new favourite in the nursery! Product features that impress parents 100%:
  • Training of multiple motor skills during inserting and operating screw threads
  • Trains recognition of colours and shapes in different ways
  • Rubber-finished wheels

screwed on pieces ensure a silent pull along


Provides acoustic stimulation with clacking insertable play pieces on the inside


The removable snail shell can also be used as an individual shape-fitting game


The side door with elastic band latch and a knob allows the insertable pieces to be removed easily

Slow as a snail … no way! This pull-along snail will take first place faster than any other toy in the "motor activity toys" category! The Pull-Along Shape-Fitting Snail is part of our new Category Champions at Legler! All of the relevant market demands, wishes, and needs of children and parents were the focus during the development process of this new product. The result is a well-thought-out, multifunctional, wooden pull-along animal which also makes a great impression as a motor activity toy that you won't find a second time on the market. Come learn more about the "Category Champion" term and which small foot brand products are a part of it! End customer wishes united: the Pull-Along Shape-Fitting Snail impresses customers all down the line! When it comes to their children's toys, parents place particularly high value on functionality and appearance. This pull-along toy brings together multiple aspects of a "good" toy: it's got a gender-neutral design, is produced from the sustainable, long-lasting material of wood, and offers multiple play possibilities in one. In short: it's got its proverbial finger on the pulse of the times! This is how this cute snail appeals to both girls and boys equally and brings them long-lasting playtime and learning fun. In addition, it's also a real eye-catcher that fits in visually in living spaces and nurseries with its mix of naturally-treated wood and its colour scheme. Good to know! Light Bulb Even more arguments for the sales consultation:
  • A learning toy and motor activity in one
  •  A multifunctional companion for those first steps
  • Pull-along toys encourage children to walk and give them a strong sense of independence.
  • Shape-fitting and screw-turning toys train fine motor skills and ensure that children play in a concentrated way.
  • Pull-along animals that make movements and noises or which have an additional role-play function when they're pushed around offer twofold appeal for young explorers and even more encouragement for them to walk.
  • Shape-fitting and screw-turning toys train children's hand-eye coordination and promote logical thinking, since children have to actively sort certain shapes and colours.
  • When it comes to motor activity toys, parents are looking for lovingly designed, functional, and long-lasting toys made of wood that can offer children lots of long-lasting fun.
  • Pull-along and shape-fitting toys made of wood are more environmentally friendly and more haptically pleasant than products made of plastic without having to sacrifice functionality and appealing appearances!
  • The gender-neutral design appeals to both girls and boys equally
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